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YMTE Podcast covers Pizza Film Fest

Check out the beginning of this interview that¬†You Me Them Everybody did for The Pizza Film Fest. And subscribe to YMTE’s podcasts. If they’re awesome enough to be a partner in the Pizza Film Fest, they’re awesome enough to listen to regularly! YMTE, Episode 114

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Pizza Film Festival announced!

Posted by admin | Posted in 2010 Festival Archive | Posted on 15-09-2010


Join us on November 16th, 2010 at the Hungry Brain for the inaugural Pizza Film Festival!

The Pizza Film Festival will showcase films by Chicago’s top comedians and filmmakers, all with a common theme: Pizza!

For event information and sponsorship opportunities, contact: info@pizzafilmfest.com

Submit your pizza movies at: submissions@pizzafilmfest.com

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